Dave Ressler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Honoring Dave’s legacy of generosity and excellence through scholarships for passionate and deserving Mandan High School senior football players.

a football ball with the words dave reeser and the date of the gamea football ball with the words dave reeser and the date of the game

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are expected to have done well in academics and athletics but this scholarship specifically rewards those who embody the best in integrity, passion, public service and have actively participated in a variety of school and community activities.

Scholarship Awards

The Dave Ressler Memorial Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to deserving Mandan High School football players who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics and community service.

How to Apply

Interested applicants are invited to complete the form found below. The deadline for submission is March 11, 2024. The award will be announced in late Spring of 2024.

2022 Football Season Award Winner:

Dylan Geiger

Past Award Winners:

  • Jaxon Scott

  • Jacob Pierce

  • Danek Vega

About the Fund:

The Dave Ressler Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded by lifelong friends of Dave with the sole purpose to continue his legacy of generosity and excellence. We provide an annual scholarship to a deserving Mandan High School senior football team member who embodies the qualities that Dave exemplified throughout his remarkable life.  

Good luck,

Dave Ressler Scholarship Committee Members


Dave’s Story

Dave Ressler loved Mandan, ND. He was proud of his Mandan roots and never wavered in his support of the entire community; Dave stayed connected to MHS for 40+ years after his graduation in 1976. Forever loyal and generously supportive of MHS, and despite the demands of his many businesses and causes, Dave somehow found the time to listen to and act on the behalf of those in need.

After high school, Dave had the opportunity to work for a local car dealership. Due to his tenacity and talents, he bought that dealership. Eventually, he moved to Montana and opened additional dealerships, but he never forgot his Mandan roots. For decades, Dave continued to donate generously to many different Mandan organizations, charities and public institutions. Dave’s life story is truly extraordinary - it was an exceptional adventure fueled by his passion, intelligence, empathy and generosity. While he never attended college, he reached the pinnacle of his profession. Dave is a prime example of a creative dreamer who used his larger-than-life personality, endless positive energy and his drive to succeed – to reach his goals, live his dream and give back to others. Through all his successes, his innovative businesses and the numerous accolades he earned, Dave always remained grateful, an homage to his Mandan upbringing and humility.

After Dave’s sudden death in November, 2017, some close personal friends decided to honor Dave through a perpetual scholarship at Mandan High. Each year, a deserving senior football player will be chosen for this award. Dave was an excellent athlete and loved football, especially Braves football.

The committees' vision for the qualities of the person bestowed the Dave Ressler Scholarship Award mirrors those Dave Ressler exhibited each day of his outstanding life.

Invest in the future of Mandan High School football standouts by donating generously to the Dave Ressler Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To donate please contact: donate@daveresslerscholars.com

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